Triple Wavelength Combination: The most effective & efficient wavelength for laser hair removal treatment

Triple Wavelength Combination: The most effective & efficient wavelength for laser hair removal treatment

Triple Wavelength Combination: The most effective & efficient wavelength for laser hair removal treatment

The more the mightier. It is not wrong in the case of laser treatments, too. The power of 3 is greater and better than the power of one. Single-wavelength laser treatment is omnipresent and delivers only certain results. But the triple wavelength combination is a relatively new, revolutionary innovation in the field of laser treatments. It guarantees better results in less time. The never-ending desire of getting rid of unwanted hair gives rise to the popularity of cutting-edge technologies in laser treatments.

As a part of 10 years celebration of Alma Lasers, they presented Soprano ICE Platinum featuring trio clustered diode technology. It is an integrated solution that combines the benefits of three different wavelengths. This triple wavelength laser hair removal ensures higher coverage and outstanding results. Alma lasers made this possible by combining the 3 laser wavelengths into a single innovative handpiece. This handpiece aims at the different types of tissue depth along with the anatomical structure within the hair follicle.

When absorption and penetration levels and treatment coverage of three different wavelengths are combined, the result will be incredible. The hair removal laser treatment with this handpiece offers better comfort and convenience. It is also the safest and comprehensive hair removal treatment available today. All the benefits of the single lasers are combined into a small handpiece and it enables the practitioners to achieve better efficacy, too. Alex 755nm, Speed 810nm and Yag 1064nm are the different wavelengths combined to make this the most efficient and effective handpiece for laser hair removal.

Alex 755 nm has the most powerful energy making it ideal for a wide range of hair types as well as for light coloured and thin hair. Speed 810nm is the classic wavelength in laser hair removal and it helps in deep penetration of the hair follicle with high average power, high repetition rate and a large 2-centimetre square spot size for treatment. All these features make this wavelength an ideal and safe one, especially for darker skin tones. Yag 1064 nm like Speed 810nm, focuses on darker skin tones. With its deepest penetration feature, it works best on deeply embedded areas like the scalp, armpits and pubic areas. Whereas Speed 810 nm is usually used for treating arms, legs, cheeks and beard, and Alex 755nm on eyebrows and upper lip.

Alma laser’s Soprano ICE Platinum has FDA cleared for skin type I-VI and on tanned skin. It is easy to operate and it does a wide range of functions. For the same reason, a lot of hospitals and centres find the machine very useful and easy. There are no consumables associated with the machine. It has an intuitive and user-friendly large colour touch screen for enabling simple and efficient usage. It also comes with an adjustable grid size. The powerful and constant cooling makes the process virtually painless, too. In short, Soprano ICE Platinum comes with the low maintenance of diode laser, utmost comfort, safety and bigger treatment coverage making it the best comprehensive laser hair removal solution.

So, if you are considering laser treatments for hair removal, then make sure you get Alma Lasers’ triple wavelength combination laser treatment for best results