Medical Testimonials

A collection of recent reviews by leading industry doctors
who work with our products

Michael H. Gold, MD, FAAD

Board Certified Dermatologist,
Nashville, TN
ClearLift is about using Q-switched laser technology in a different manner, delivering lower energies in multiple sessions for results without discomfort or downtime.”
“The great thing about Harmony XL is that it’s designed to be customized to your skin›s condition”.
“iTED and IMPACT technology solves the challenges of trans-epidermal delivery by applying reverse pressure within the micro-channels, overcoming the blockage of intra-cellular fluid and forcing the active agents through. It is among the most important breakthroughs in aesthetic technology.”
“I suspect the technique will become a major player when addressing skin conditions such as hydration and tone.”
“Alma, as the first fractional Q-Switched laser, is highly effective for treating various degrees and depths of pigmented lesions resulting in lighter and unblemished skin.”
“In my practice we found that both the BiPolar and UniPolar modules of the AccentXLi system have increased skin tightening of the neck, and face. Unlike similar technologies we have used, the AccentXL has shown results for virtually all of my patients.”

Moshe Lapidoth M.D.

MPH Dermatologist, Director of the Laser Unit,
Rabin Medical Center, Herzelia Pituach, Israel Vice President of the European Society for
Laser Dermatology (ESLD)
“Facial contouring is a fast growing sector in dermatology and medical aesthetics, and I believe Alma Lasers Accent Ultra V is one of leaders for this niche procedure. The combination of their proprietary Shear Waves and UniPolar technology is unique and promising”.
“In the past I used the EXCIMER laser for vitiligo and psoriasis with good clinical results. Now I use the handheld EXCIMER 308 system because it is much more convenient and gives me the same clinical results. “
“Treating patients with acne vulgaris using the unique Er:Glass 1540 laser supported with vacuum and cooling, proved to be effective- showing significant improvement with no side effects.”

KeeLee Tan, MD,

Rejuvenate Clinic, Perth, Western Australia
Harmony XL is an advanced protocol for skin rejuvenation. Used with the fractional, non-ablative Q-Switched laser and the fractional ablative iPixelEr laser, Laser360iQ is a simple to perform protocol that quickly and effectively turns back the clock on aged skin.”
“The industry has been exposed to many dual technology systems, with most of them failing. I look for proven immediate and long-term results, and ClearLift with HarmonyXL has given me those results.”
“Alma’s impedance matching technology delivers maximum RF energy to the tissue. Combined with unique depth control technology, the energy is concentrated in the sub-dermal area, leaving the epidermis preserved. It is safe and easy to use.”

Deborah Manjoney, M.D.

Director of Wisconsin MediSpa,
Wisconsin, USA

ClearLift provides exceptional results with no social downtime. Patients can immediately put on their makeup, and no one will know they had anything done.”

Janice Lima-Maribona, DO

Board Certified Dermatologist,
Miami, FL
Alma Lasers has provided endless combination treatments in my practice. The versatility of the product has allowed for all skin types to enjoy the benefits of laser and light rejuvenation. Alma offers cutting edge technology as well as extensive marketing support which has helped promote my practice in a very competitive environment in Miami. Alma is a solid company to have a business partnership with.”

Professor Liu,

9th Hospital, Shanghai, PRC
“In studies on the treatment of port-wine stains comparing the use of the pulsed dye-laser with
a new narrow-band 500-600 nm lamp (Dye-PL, Alma Lasers), the Dye-PL achieved greater clinical results in a shorter period of time, and resulted in less swelling and instances of purpura than the dye laser.”

Fernando Urdiales, MD,

Director of Miramar Medical Institute
Malaga, Spain
Accent Ultra V makes use of a unique sequence of sound and radio waves to safely remove excess facial fat while tightening the skin. I have been very impressed with the treatment results, and have seen a rise in the number of patients interested in this procedure.”
“Soprano SHR has revolutionized medical photoepilation, contributing longer lasting and better results compared to conventional technologies. ‘IN-Motion’ treatment, applying low fluences at high repetition rates, enables us to provide customized photoepilation for each patient. Soprano works with all skin and hair types, all year round, with consistent, safe, reliable results. Today Soprano SHR is an essential tool for aesthetic practices, providing more patient advantages than any of its competitors.”
“SHR is virtually not painful due to the excellent isolation of the thermal effects in the tissue surrounding the follicle. The use of low fluences and relatively short pulses with high repetition frequency, together with a skin surface aircooling, result in a well-tolerated treatment by patients, particularly those with dark phototypes”

Seema Patel, MD, MPH

Board Certified in Family Medicine,
Admore, PA
“I love the HarmonyXL and the versatility it can provide. It can be used on all skin types with excellent results. It is very well tolerated and allows you to offer various services with only one laser! It is well priced and works very well. I have had it for several years and use it daily with no complications with the system, contrary to other lasers I have worked with in the past.”

Jong Min Park, MD, Dermatologist

Director of ZELL Dermatology & Cosmetic Laser Center,
Seoul, Korea
“Many women are looking for a solution for body contouring that comes without any risk or need to undergo surgery; Accent Ultra V is able to fulfill the dream. Accent Ultra V uses selective ultrasound technology that only breaks down the fat cells without causing any damage to the surrounding tissues. Most of the people will notice some result even after one treatment; the fat will be excreted from the body through the lymphatic system.”
Prof. Dr. Uwe Paasch

Prof. Dr. Uwe Paasch,

University Clinic of Leipzig, Germany
“The removal of tattoos with the SINON Q-switched ruby laser system yields excellent results for almost all colors. With high energy output and the optimal adjustment of spot size and impulse, often only a few treatments are needed. The removal of natural pigment spots is achieved even faster.”
“Clinical results of the combined microplasma and IMPACT treatment have been very impressive. The IMPACT module is able to pass large amounts of topical creams beyond the skin barrier to levels not previously obtainable. The result of which is improved treatment outcomes and new treatment possibilities.”
“The Er:YAG laser system BURANE XL is such a flexible system that we use it almost daily in our outpatient laser clinic.”
University Hospital Leipzig
“The alexandrite laser system ARION is our system of choice for hair removal. With the scanner or the very flexible hand piece, ARION lets us work fast and effectively, even on larger areas or hard-to-reach places. “
“The ClearLift Q-Switched fractional laser is a very promising modality that enables non-ablative collagen injury and remodeling underneath a mostly intact epidermis.”
Martin Braun, MD,
Vancouver Laser Center,
Vancouver, BC, Canada
“I believe Soprano SHR is the first innovation in laser hair removal in the past 10 years. We are now able to treat all skin types safely, with less pain.”
“SHR is virtually not painful due to the excellent isolation of the thermal effects in the tissue surrounding the follicle. The use of low fluences and relatively short pulses with high repetition frequency, together with a skin surface aircooling, result in a well-tolerated treatment by patients, particularly those with dark phototypes”
Dr Tania Meneghel

Tania Aparecida Meneghel, MD, Dermatologist

Clínica Renaissance,
São Paulo, Brazil
“A noninvasive treatment with no adverse event and maximum efficacy, the Accent Ultra V combines numerous technologies in addition to shear waves and UniPolar RF, making the machine extremely versatile and a well-worth investment. For example, we can tighten the periorbital area around the eyes as well as push cosmeceuticals through the skin with the Impact ultrasound.”
“I have been very impressed by the use of IMPACT as a method of delivering cosmeceuticals to the dermis. I am not aware of any other method or technology. This is real innovation.”
“The use of SHR in patients with dark skin types may substantially reduce pain or discomfort and minimize severity of blistering, scabbing, crusting and hyper/hyperpigmentation. In addition, little to no prolonged epidermal effects such as redness and inflammation of epidermis, and no downtime before (no topical anesthesia) or after treatment makes the SHR more comfortable and safer than traditional laser systems.”

Maria Claudia Issa, MD & PhD

Clinica Dermavance Dermatologia,
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
“Facial contouring is a key antiaging procedure. By combining unique cold US with RF technology, Alma Accent delivers excellent results for treating both fat deposition and skin laxity within the same procedure allowing clients to recover a more youthful face.”
Clinica Dermavance Dermatologia,
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
“I strongly believe that the Legato, microplasma and IMPACT offer treatment possibilities which are not obtainable using any other devices.”

Class Clinic

“My cosmeticians love how easy it is to operate. We were pleased to find out the system was foolproof for all skin and hair types. Plus, being able to offer Soprano Accord treatments has increased the quality and quantity of our clientele. It attracts clients who are willing to spend more on their beauty regimen. Once the word went out about how truly painless it was, we’ve barely been able to keep up with all the inquiries.”

Dong-Hye Suh, MD, Dermatologist

Arumdaun Nara Dermatologic Clinic, Korea
“In darker skinned Asian patients, the synergies present in iTED using fractional ablative microplasma and ultrasound treatment is effective with fewer side effects.”
Maria Angelo-Khattar, PhD
Director Aesthetica Clinic,
“iTED really helps you deliver what you promise to the patient…. IMPACT and Alma Lasers iTED concept are the future of skin repair.”
Mitchel Goldman, M.D.
Goldman, Butterwick & Associates, Cosmetic Laser Dermatology,
San Diego, USA
“The SINON Q-switched laser is the most advanced Ruby Laser I have ever used. The machine is very reliable. In a comparative study with the Q-switched Alexandrite laser, pigmented lesions responded better to treatment with faster and more complete clearing using the SINON.”
“ARION is a great laser that is fast and effective. The handpiece is ergonomic and easy to use. In addition, there is less chance for human error because of the scanner. Other alexandrite lasers that use dynamic cooling spray can produce rings of hypopigmentation and irregular cooling. The cold-air cooling of ARION eliminates that side effect.“

Christopher Zachary, M.D.

Department Chair, University of California,
Irvine, USA
“There is significantly less pain using Soprano SHR compared to the Duet.”
“Treatment with SHR is considerably less painful than with the Lightsheer.”
Patrick Bowler, MS.BS
Co-Found of the British Association of Cosmetic Doctors Court House Clinics, UK
“Pain-free isn’t the only innovation, of course. Soprano also has the fastest coverage rate in the industry, with a huge 12×10 mm spot and up to 10 Hz repetition rate. Plus, with no consumables, Soprano is easy to operate and very cost-effective. Soprano painless hair removal has transformed the laser hair experience for men because let’s face it – men are not very good with pain! Treatment is also quick and results rapid and this is very appealing to male clients.”