Surgical Testimonials

A collection of recent reviews by leading industry doctors who work with our products

Dr. Gerhard Sattler,

Rosenpark Klinik, Darmstadt, Germany
“LipoLife allows us to harvest (retrieve?) high quality, viable fat cells quickly and easily for immediate grafting. Its seamless integration with liposuction procedures makes it a convenient and highly effective solution for successful total body contouring.

Dr. Alex Levenberg,

Plastic Surgeon
Tel-Aviv Sourasky Medical Center
“The new LipoLife system by Alma has been a breakthrough for my clinic’s Liposuction routine.
Simultaneous lasing and suction significantly cuts treatment time and makes performing procedures far less physically demanding. The system is compact while offering all of equipment and accessories we need, saving us space without sacrificing convenience.

Prof. Gabriel Alberto Femopase,

University of Cordoba, Argentina (UNC)
“Application of fractional CO2 laser (FemiLift™), creates thermal and ablative effects on vaginal walls, triggering a significant improvement in the production of collagen within vaginal submucosa. 80% of the women who participated in the study

Prof. Paolo Scollo,

President S.I.G.O. Rome, Italy
“FemiLift represents a novel approach for outpatient medical treatments, with excellent treatment results, paving the way for new, safe and efficacious outpatient surgical treatment options that are free from side effects and completely asymptomatic.”

Dr. Ksenija Šelih Martine,

Kalliste Medical Center, Slovenia
“The FemiLift treatment surpasses current available market solutions, while presenting excellent outcomes. With FemiLift,I can offer my patients a safe, easy to administer and pain-free solution that actually works. Following a short visit to the clinic, SUI symptoms are reduced or completely eliminated, allowing women to return to their normal activities immediately.

Alex Bader MD,

“FemiLift yields a high level of patient satisfaction and quick recovery time. Highly acceptable procedure for patients seeking top quality treatment, efficiency, and superior lasting results.”

Dr. Guy Gutman,

“FemiLift is not only a safe and effective solution for treating stress incontinence and vaginal laxity, it represents a shift in state of mind. Today, I can offer my patients treatment that generates minimal discomfort yet presents great outcomes in an outpatient setting.Alma Lasers technology is easy to administer and simplifies the treatment method. I am happy to be at the forefront of medical solutions for gynecological conditions.

Jorge Alberto Elas, MD,

Centro Privado de Atencin de las Patologas del Piso Pelviano y la Cosmtica,
Femenina, Buenos Aires, Argentina
“The evaluation of the study’s factors estimates that the cost of a laser is equivalent to an average of 10-20 surgeries, depending on the country.

Prof. Gabriel Alberto Femopase,

University of Cordoba, Argentina (UNC)
“The advantages of these procedures are vast. Treatments are pain-free, minimally invasive, occur in an outpatient setting, and yield high success rates and quick recovery – without affecting patients’ normal activities.”