Vascular Lesions

Vascular Lesions
Due to multiple reasons, as we grow older our veins might weaken and fail. Mainly it happens by weakened valves, which cause blood to pool rather than flow to the heart. As a result, these blood vessels become enlarged and visible.  One of the side effects of this issue is the appearance of various types of vascular lesions.

The most common types of vascular lesions

Spider veins, enlarged leg veins, varicose veins are highly common throughout the population. A lesser common but very visible symptom is port wine stain, especially when it appears on the face. Among other classifications are different types of vascular malformations: Capillary, Venous, Lymphatic and Arterial. Among children, the most common vascular lesion type are Hemangiomas. These are benign tumors which appear shortly after birth as pinkish-red spots which grow over time and throughout adulthood.

How does the Clear Vein treatment work?

Alma’s vascular lesions treatments offer effective, non-invasive solutions that close these veins and reduce or eliminate their appearance. The treatment utilizes a combination of IPL and precise laser wavelengths that target only the malformed blood vessel beneath the skin and stop the blood supply to it. The result is smooth, spotless, clear skin and renewed confidence.
The treatments are safe and effective for all skin types and provide reliable, long term results.


Vascular lesions before & after photos

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Clinical Resource

Browse our clinical resources to view literature, case studies and scientific research of vascular lesions and spider veins treatment. The listed studies were conducted by some of leading physicians and researchers around the world.
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Comparative efficacy of intense pulsed light for different erythema associated with rosacea
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