Small Areas

Small Areas

Two Applicators

One Synergetic solution

minispeed tuneface

Alma’s solution for small areas integrates both Ultrasound and Radio Frequency technologies, and works seamlessly with Alma’s successful, award winning body and face contouring platform, Accent Prime.

The perfect match: 

The MiniSpeed is based on a new type of ultrasound technology created with the goal of treating smaller areas and providing a complete treatment. It is essentially a scaled down version of Alma’s revolutionary UltraSpeed applicator using a 55 mm sonotrode plate that emits guided ultrasonic waves through concentric profiles for high-speed fat volume reduction and contouring. The RF-based TuneFace applicator, which has been uniquely designed for skin tightening purposes and featuring an assisted vacuum mechanism, complements the protocol to significantly boost results.
Working with a combination of both MiniSpeed and TuneFace applicators provides
an ideal solution for small areas, promoting better results for fat reduction and skin
tightening in areas that are typically more challenging to reach. This synergetic
protocol leverages the best of all worlds. It combines two distinct energy sources, each
with its own advantages and designated treatment areas, and ensures effectiveness
while delivering impressive, long lasting results.







enhanced-icon   Combined technologies for enhanced, long lasting results
quick-icon   Quick and easy to use; plug&play technology waith pre-set treatment protocols.
reliable-icon    Reliable, robust and durable applicators.
ergonomic-icon   Ergonomic design to enable easy and effective operation; perfect for small areas.
selective-icon   Selective and focused.
short-icon  Short treatment time; up to 25 minutes combined.
no-consum-icon   No consumables.


Body Contouring
Skin Laxity
Skin Tightening
Skin Laxity

Treatment Areas

Back of the Arm


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