Fat-grafting – A natural filler

Fat-grafting – A natural filler

Fat-grafting – A natural filler

Fat grafting is also known as fat transfer as in the fat grafting procedure, the fat tissues from some body parts, mostly, thighs, belly or buttocks, are removed and are transferred to other parts of the body. It gained prominence because of its natural, safe, and long-lasting nature of results. The use of lasers came as a game-changer in fat grafting. The process became virtually painless and effortless too. For example, technologies like BeautiFill by Alma made the process not only easier but it also made it much more efficient. BeautiFill is the first laser-based fat transfer technology to standardize the process, time, and quality of fat transfer methods with minimal adipose disruption.

BeautiFill comes with several benefits of which high vitality fat collection, simultaneous lasing and suctioning, and the use of thermal energy and a unique radical emission fiber remain to be best. The high vitality fat collection helps in making the process of fat grafting highly efficient and long-lasting whereas the simultaneous lasing and suctioning make sure the process is done fast and easily. Similarly, homogeneous and effective skin tightening is ensured with thermal energy and the radical emission fiber technology.

BeautiFill is not just a technology or system of fat transfer but it is a comprehensive solution for a wide range of concerns. It is designed with a lot of novel features in which one of the prominent features is the use of proprietary radial tip fiber that is encased in a blunt Mercedes cannula. It is this feature that allows BeautiFill for a 360° radical emission of low-power density. This targets water and very consciously creates a thermal environment which is then softened. The fat is then detached from this thermal environment smoothly with simultaneous aspiration.

The most interesting fact is that unlike popular belief, fat grafting takes much less time compared to traditional liposuction. BeautiFill is a part of the LipoLife system by Alma Lasers which came as a breakthrough for the liposuction routine in many clinics.

The reason why fat grafting has gained so much importance is definitely because of the high-fat vitality. The availability of the patient’s fat, natural integration into host tissues, much long-lasting correction potential, etc. make fat grafting a highly beneficial and favourable application. BeautiFill helps in achieving a fat vitality rate greater than 95%. This preserved fat is utilized efficiently as a replacement for synthetic materials. Since the procedure is fast and convenient, the tissue volume of the patient is easily restored without much delay. BeautiFill is a natural contouring procedure that offers surgical results without surgery. Apart from this, BeautiFill is also capable of providing results that last indefinitely making the procedure highly appealing for the patients.

BeautiFill helps in retrieving high quality, viable fat cells quickly and easily for immediate grafting. How it is closely connected to the liposuction procedure makes it an ultimate solution and a total body contouring technique. BeautiFill is a secure method with no side-effects. This autonomous fat transferring method is safe even for people with allergies or for those who are sensitive to fillers. Thus, BeautiFill is not only inexpensive and effective but is also 100% safe for all people.

The property that makes BeautiFill stand out from other technologies and machines is the fact that it is a compact, multi-modal system that not only handles fat grafting but also takes care of liposuction and skin tightening with the same amount of flexibility and responsiveness. From the perspective of an operator, it is an easy-to-use machine. It comes with a complete set of accessories and is a portable plug and play unit. This is one of the reasons why BeautiFill is widely preferred and used in several private clinics as well as in hospitals. The ultimate guarantee of maximum patient safety with low power density lasing and the use of local anesthesia make it favourable to both the patient and the operator.  Since BeautiFill offers multiple treatment options and outpatient procedures in minimum treatment time providing maximum results, high ROI is also guaranteed.

Fat grafting is an easy procedure that is made much easier by BeautiFill. It can be used even in areas that are not easily accessible conventionally, like chin, face, and neck without hassles. The fact that the procedure is cost-efficient and safe, and the results are long-lasting and ultimate makes it much more desirable among people who crave natural-looking solutions.