The advancements in permanent hair removal using laser treatment

The advancements in permanent hair removal using laser treatment

The advancements in permanent hair removal using laser treatment

Laser treatments have always been identified as an effective treatment for hair removal. This is a medical procedure that takes the help of a concentrated beam of light called a laser for removing the excessive and unwanted hair from different areas of the body. Over the years, the laser treatment industry has seen various developments that increase the efficiency and effectiveness of this procedure. 

Earlier, laser treatments were used to delay hair growth for longer periods of time. But with the advancements in technology, permanent hair removal is not a myth anymore. It was also seen as a technology that was meant for those with lighter skin tones. But with devices that use ground-breaking technologies, these kinds of limitations have become non-existent. Soprano ICE Platinum from Alma is an integrated solution that combines all the advantages of 3 different wavelengths. 

Soprano SHR is a relatively new technology. It has been the first innovation in laser hair removal in the past 10 years. Soprano ICE Platinum uses SHR to treat different skin types. It enhances safety, reduces pain, and improves efficiency. Soprano ICE Platinum uses a revolutionary trio handpiece that covers wider regions. It is called revolutionary because using the three most effective wavelengths that operate simultaneously was considered a seminal innovation in the field of laser hair removal during the time Soprano ICE Platinum was introduced.

This diode laser hair removal machine uses trio clustered diode technology in Soprano ICE Platinum delivers synergistic benefits of the 3 most effective wavelengths for hair removal namely, Alex 755nm, Speed 810nm, and Yag 1064nm. These wavelengths are combined into a single innovative handpiece, simultaneously aiming at different tissue depths as well as anatomical structures of a hair follicle. Soprano ICE Platinum promises to be the most safest and extensive hair removal treatment in the current industry. By combining three different wavelengths it also combines the absorption and penetration levels of those 3 different wavelengths. This distinctiveness in the delivery of treatment guarantees better treatment coverage, comfort, and low maintenance.

Another major development in the field of permanent hair removal using laser treatment is the introduction of powerful continuous cooling. This makes the entire process of hair removal virtually painless. The ICE technology used in Soprano ICE Platinum cools the skin surface. It prevents superficial burns without alleviating the effects of the treatment. It works efficiently on all skin types and has no side effects.

Soprano ICE Platinum was introduced by Alma during the 10 year award-winning success celebration and is now the ideal permanent hair removal treatment in Mumbai. It is observed as a revolutionary handpiece with its adoption of several cutting-edge technologies that make use of the power of three wavelengths. It is also the best professional laser hair removal machine in the business perspective too as the platform is easy to operate with its intuitive and friendly large colour touch screen. The innovative 3 in 1 handpiece, its effectiveness on all skin types including tanned skin, powerful cooling technology, and several such features make it an exceptional machine that adopts all the latest advancements in the laser hair removal industry