Efficacious robotic fibre pullback system for an intensive recovery from varicose vein

Efficacious robotic fibre pullback system for an intensive recovery from varicose vein

Efficacious robotic fibre pullback system for an intensive recovery from varicose vein

When the veins become visibly enlarged and swollen because of the faulty valves that cause blood flow in the wrong direction, those veins are referred to as Varicose Veins. Although it can happen to any veins in the body, it is usually seen the veins in the lower part of the body as it experiences the most pressure by standing and walking. Varicose veins as such are not life-threatening. However, when varicose veins get worse by time, the people suffering from the condition might experience pain and discomfort. It is a cosmetic concern that affects the confidence of many people. 

Considering the situation, Alma lasers have introduced a new minimally invasive varicose vein laser treatment using a robotic fibre pullback system. VascuLife is the safest and most efficacious varicose vein solution available in the current market. The treatment is highly consistent and precise that it offers outstanding results in the shortest time possible. The endovenous laser ablation that is used in VascuLife is a relatively new technology of treating varicose veins with laser and other light-based technologies. A vein that is swollen and enlarged is targetted and light energy is passed through it through a laser fibre inserted through the vein. As a result of the process, the vein walls absorb the energy. Thus the blood is coagulated and the vessel is collapsed.  

This process used for the treatment is called the robotic pullback system because while the vein is treated, the laser fibre is pulled back till the whole vein is destroyed. This pullback happens in a steady but continuous manner, freeing the surgeons from the physical labour required for a pullback. The best feature of the VascuLife machine is that it comes with an online visualisation and control software that delivers completely automatic and continuous real-time feedback during the procedure. This way, the physician or the dermatologist gets to control the fibre movement within the vein. It also allows them to manage the pullback speed as well as the distance of the area treated.

The wavelength used for the procedure also stands out with peculiarities as unlike the wavelength used for other endovenous laser ablation treatments, this one cannot be absorbed by water and oxyhemoglobin. The wavelength used in VascuLife is 1470mm and it has a greater water absorption coefficient. This feature makes the process less painful and induces less bruising on veins. The 360-degree radial emitting feature of VascuLife helps in faster wound healing with reduced risks of perforations, pain, and bruising. 

Apart from all these features, VascuLife comes with game-changing unique safety features that include time-adjusting pullback speeds, automatic “pull and cool” features, robust pullback mechanism, vein collapse protection, and matchless cost savings. VascuLife uses only standard accessories which reduces procedural costs too. The varicose vein is a less addressed problem as it rarely exhibits any symptoms or because it is not life-threatening. But some people might go through extreme pain, swelling, and fatigue irrespective of age or gender. Similarly, some people might see it as a beauty concern. VascuLife aims at delivering mental and physical relief to those going through all these complications. It is an effective procedure that promises outstanding clinical results that can soothe the body as well as mind.

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