Importance of taking care of your vagina at every age

Importance of taking care of your vagina at every age

Our bodies grow and change with age. The vagina is a part of the body that faces health challenges at various points of a woman’s life and taking care of your vagina is a continuous process. Keeping it healthy is as important as keeping any other part of your body healthy. Irrespective of age, good vaginal maintenance should be practiced as it comes with countless benefits. It prevents you from vaginal infections and vulvar discomfort.

With technological advancements, all kinds of feminine concerns have solutions. Femilift is a comprehensive solution to female wellness. It deals with a wide range of vaginal health problems faced by women like dryness, infections, Stress Urinary Incontinence(SUI), etc. The vagina is a soft tissue canal. Vaginal openings have a clitoris, labia, and pubic mound and it is a part of the vulva. The internal vaginal panel connects this vulva to the cervix and uterus.

Problems faced by your vagina during different life phases might be different. For example, post-pregnancy a woman needs post-delivery rehabilitation whereas post-menopause women might need vaginal rejuvenation. Physiological changes in a woman’s life like childbirth, hormonal changes, menopause problems, etc. might have a negative effect on their quality of life, self-confidence, and sexuality.

Femilift intends to help the women regain confidence by providing the ultimate solution to their feminine worries. For example, one of the most common symptoms of SUI or Stress Urinary Incontinence is urine leakage while doing forceful activities such as exercise. In worse cases, women might leak even when they sneeze, laugh, cough or lift something heavy. Nothing like these should stop the strong women out there from going to work, socialising or enjoying good sex. Femilift helps in vaginal tightening, controlling the symptoms of SUI, treating vaginal dryness, and recurrent infections. Vaginal rejuvenation offered by Femilift helps women going through Genitourinary Syndrome of Menopause(GSM), commonly known just as Menopause. In simple terms, Femilift is an ultimate solution to a wide range of patients, irrespective of their age, and life phases going through different types of feminine problems.

Vagina loosening is a common problem experienced by women, especially after childbirth, as vaginal tissues overstretch. This can be a serious issue during sexual intercourse. Femilift helps in rebuilding the collagen of vaginal walls thus enhancing the sensitivity of vaginal receptors and contracting the existing vaginal tissue. This, in turn, increases vaginal tightness. Similarly, SUI-Stress Urinary Incontinence is caused by a loss of strength in the urethra due to the weakened pelvic support structure. Femilift reduces the symptoms of SUI and effectively restores urinary continence.

Rejuvenating the vaginal lining helps in restoring the lubrication and increasing the thickness of the vaginal walls. This treatment comes as a great relief to women suffering from recurrent infections and dryness. Vaginal rejuvenation is helpful for women going through post-delivery and post-menopause phases. It reduces uncomfortable symptoms like itching, burning, and even increases friction. Vaginal rejuvenation helps in strengthening and toning vaginal tissues, thus enhancing the strength and flexibility.

In short, FemiLift is a one-stop solution for women of any age and any feminine concern. Besides all, it is a quick and virtually painless procedure. It is 100% safe and effective. It is a lunch-time procedure with no downtime. There is nothing to be ashamed of your vaginal problems. Almost every woman might have experienced some kind of vaginal problem at some point in their life. Love your body and enjoy your womanhood to its fullest.