The ultimate rejuvenation your skin deserves

The ultimate rejuvenation your skin deserves

You love your skin. You try to protect it in every way possible. You wear sunscreen religiously before stepping out from your home without fail. You do skin cleansing treatments at least once a month. And yet, your skin still looks dull for some unknown reason. Care to know why? Because skin rejuvenation is not about some expensive facials, creams and cleansing treatments. Ensuring that your skin is beautiful and healthy requires expert care. At Alma, we specialise in creating products that elevate your life and make it better and DermaClear is one step in that direction

DermaClear by Alma is an innovative and powerful hydradermabrasion solution that cleans, hydrates, and nourishes your facial skin. It works deeply, yet gently to cleanse and rejuvenate the skin. This way, your skin will remain fresh, clean and hydrated. This is also the most effective pre-treatment solution that helps in preparing your skin for various skin rejuvenation treatments.

The major reason why it is loved by most of the people is because it is a thorough 3-step process. This device has a unique 360° rotating tip and a powerful suction action that enables a deep cleansing process where all the impurities are extracted. This tip with its improved rotating and homogeneous coverage capability operates in complete circular motion to ensure thorough cleansing. This flexible silicone tip is a thoughtful addition to the product to ensure that you have a smooth and pain free experience. DermaClear does several things at the same time. For example, it simultaneously clears, soothes,and moisturizes the skin, all while infusing powerful ingredients into the skin, finally making it clean, hydrated and refreshed.

DermaClear skin regime involves 3 steps and solutions.

  1. Extract and Clarify: An effective water soluble exfoliating solution called DermaClear EXFO is used to remove dead skin cells prior to preparing the surface for extraction which leaves the skin clean and fresh.
  2. Dislodge and Cleanse: Derma CLEANSE uses a fat soluble salicylic acid to remove the dirt and impurities without irritation. This deep cleaning suction loosens dirt and debris effortlessly from deep within the skin, making the skin ready for solution absorption.
  3. Condition and Hydrate: The final step of this procedure uses a hydro essence nutritional serum to deliver a highly concentrated level of nourishing moisture and protective antioxidants into the skin. Optimal skin penetration is ensured by delivering a nourishing solution into the skin through this rotating tip. This solution protects and hydrates which will prepare the skin for upcoming treatments.

Will you be able to name another treatment that offers exfoliation, cleansing, extraction, and hydration under one umbrella? It is deep, yet gentle. It is an integrated system.

All these benefits are brought to patients without the hassles of downtime, discomfort or irritation. Basically, this treatment delivers exfoliation and skin rejuvenation simultaneously without compromising the effectiveness of the treatment nor comfort of the patient. This treatment leaves the patients with a soothing and refreshing experience.

DermaClear by Alma is a 3 in 1 synergetic solution that makes your skin ready for everything. With DermaClear, dull skin will never be a problem in your life again. Get vibrant looking skin effortlessly with the help of DermaClear. Boost your natural radiance and enjoy your life without the worries of dull-looking skin.