Advantages of combining laser wavelengths in laser hair removal treatments

Advantages of combining laser wavelengths in laser hair removal treatments

Laser hair removal technology is a quite common hair removal method these days. But what is not too mainstream in laser hair removal treatment is using a single applicator in which 3 different effective wavelengths are combined and used for improving patient experience and obtaining superior results. And that’s what Soprano Titanium by Alma brings to your plate. It is a breakthrough hair removal platform that combines ultimate functionality with unparalleled comfort. From covering larger areas to guaranteeing a pain-free experience, Soprano Titanium has got it all.

Talking about the advantages, Soprano Titanium offers benefits of three different laser wavelengths. This roughly means that the treatment is three times better and effective than regular laser hair removal treatment. The three powerful wavelengths used in Soprano Titanium are ALEX 755  nm, SPEED 810 nm, and YAG 1064 nm. Each one of these wavelengths comes with a specific purpose.

ALEX 755 NM: The Alexandrite wavelength helps in better absorption of powerful energy by the melanin chromophore. This way it becomes an ideal treatment for lighter skin type with thin hair.

SPEED 810  NM: This wavelength has moderate melanin absorption levels which make the treatment safe for people with dark skin types. This treatment is also the best when it comes to treating the arms, legs.

YAG 1064 NM: The YAG 1064 wavelength takes care of lower melanin absorption & deeper penetration thus making it an ultimate solution for darker skin types. It has a higher water absorption capability that generates a higher temperature. Using 1064 NM in the treatment increases the thermal profile of the overall treatment which, in turn, guarantees highly effective hair removal and improved results.

For successful Hair removal we need to destroy the different targets in the hair follicle viz. The Bulge, Bulb and Papilla, each one of them is located slightly in different depth in the hair follicle.

Soprano Titanium handpiece with triple wavelengths simultaneously targets these anatomical structures in the hair follicle. Higher wavelengths penetrate deeper e.g. 755 nm targets bulge, 810 nm targets hair bulb and 1064 nm targets deeply situated follicular papilla.

In short, the treatment covers a wide range of problems that a regular laser treatment never addresses. This treatment comes as a relief to people with darker skin tones. As it covers a larger area, the treatment is relatively faster than any other laser hair removal method. Ice Plus continuous cooling technology make the hair removal process virtually painless.

The gradual heating and rapid/fast pulse delivery feature of this treatment not only makes it effective but also makes it unique from other treatments as it damages the hair follicle and hinders re-growth, all while preventing injury to the surrounding tissue.

Coming back to the advantages of combining laser wavelengths in laser hair removal treatments, the advantages are not limited to a single wavelength is the biggest advantage. The treatment brings you all the individual benefits of each of the wavelengths used under one umbrella. Regular laser treatments are going outdated these days. Come, embrace the change to enjoy the benefits!