A new era in laser tattoo removal – PICO CLEAR

A new era in laser tattoo removal – PICO CLEAR

Alma is proud to announce the launch of its newest laser platform, the PICO CLEAR. PICO CLEAR represents a new era in deep pigments shattering. It delivers optimal results for laser tattoo removal and benign pigmented lesions within only a few treatments.
The PICO CLEAR joins Alma’s Aesthetic Precision line of expert-level standalone lasers which also include the ALMA-Q laser, BURANE II, SINON II, ARION, IDAS and EXCIMER 308.

PICO CLEAR laser launch

Alma’s team launching the PICO CLEAR at 5CC Barcelona

How does dark and colored laser tattoo removal work?

Compared to traditional lasers, the Picosecond laser is able to remove both dark and colored tattoos in fewer treatments. How is that possible?
Thanks to its shorter pulse duration, a higher convergence rate of laser energy into a mechanical force is obtained. This force shatters the pigments into thin dust particles. The shorter the pulse duration is, the smaller the particles are, from pebbles, to granule and down to a thin dust effect. That is how laser tattoo removal works, in essence.

To shed more light on this laser technology and its applications we sat down with Two key figures in the development and trial process. Mr. Miki Slonim, director of IoT and the project manager for the PICO CLEAR and Mr. Ohad Toledano from Alma’s clinical dept.

Q — What are the main and most important features of this new laser?

Miki: “The novel PICO CLEAR offers the shortest pulse duration available in the market, 300-350 Picoseconds. This is major. Other platforms labeled as Picosecond lasers are more towards the 500-750 picoseconds pulse duration range – that is already nearly a full nanosecond. The importance of this feature is that it yields higher peak power.”

Ohad: “Exactly. And when the high peak power of the laser targets the relevant pigment in the treated area its transformed into photo-acoustic shock waves. These waves shatter the pigment into micro-sized particles that the body’s immune system can easily dispose of. That is the treatment concept behind the PICO CLEAR. It is similar in concept to the traditional Q-switched nanosecond lasers however because it breaks the pigment into smaller micro-particles the patient’s Immune system can remove them much more easily which results in fewer treatments.”

Miki: “One other feature I’m excited about is the auto-detection of hand-pieces and that the platform actually communicates with the doctor. Every action such as hand-piece replacement or change of setting on the hand-piece is accompanied by a voice alert. This unique feature improves the user experience and increases safety.”

Q — Why are Pico lasers larger than other q-switched laser devices?

Miki: “There are several reasons. Firstly, we have a larger and more complex optical cavity specially developed for this laser. In simple terms the laser beam has a longer way to travel. Second, we still require the standard cooling and power supply as in other laser platforms. Third, and this was not a constraint but an enhancement, we have installed a large 15-inch operating screen to make it the most user-friendly platform available.”

Pico clear laser tattoo removal machine

The PICO CLEAR laser by Alma

Q — What types of colored tattoos is the PICO CLEAR laser best suitable for?

Ohad: “Various color pigments have different absorption levels for the various laser wavelengths. The standard 1064nm wavelength of the ND:YAG laser is best for the removal of darker tattoo colors. However, for yellow/orange tattoos we’ve found that the 532nm wavelength gets the best results. Then there are Two more wavelengths available on the PICO CLEAR laser. *585nm — for purple and sky-blue colors which were considered nearly impossible to remove before the Pico-second laser technology. *650nm — for green color tattoos (as in apple green, not the dark green which is the regular dark tattoo shade).”
Miki: “Its important to make clear that these additional wavelengths were available before. However, the trade-off with these shorter wavelengths was less energy. With the PICO CLEAR laser, the peak power is so high that these wavelengths can be effectively used.”

colored laser tattoo removal

Spectrum of tattoo colors treated by the PICO CLEAR

*Pending CE

Q — What other indications does the PICO CLEAR treat?

Ohad: “the various hand-pieces and operation modes enable practitioners to treat additional indications besides dark and colored tattoos. Among it are lentigines, café-au-lait birthmarks, benign pigmented lesions, acne scars and wrinkles. The PICO CLEAR is truly a versatile dermatology laser platform enabling multiple patient-tailored treatment options”

To conclude, the PICO CLEAR represents an exciting new chapter for dermatologists. Especially those who are looking for the most advanced solution for laser tattoo removal and various dermatology concerns. We are certain those who are familiar with our reputation and 19 years of innovation in the field of Medical Aesthetics devices will be pleased. See below video by Alma’s clinical research dept. Amazing laser tattoo removal results achieved with the new PICO CLEAR laser. For more details and specs please view our product page here.