Looking sharp – the 5 most popular aesthetic treatments for men today

Looking sharp – the 5 most popular aesthetic treatments for men today

What are the most popular aesthetic treatments for men in 2018?

The percentage of men undergoing aesthetic treatments in beauty clinics is on the rise. Consequently, the number of clinics advertising aesthetic treatments for men is growing every day. Although up until recently, this topic was only an unspoken truth, it seems that the taboo around it is starting to shatter.

We are witnessing changes in perceptions all around us. In popular media we all see portraits of  well-groomed men. There is certainly a change in society that’s encouraging self-improvement on all levels. And we can enjoy advanced technology which provides innovative aesthetic solutions that work quickly and with minimal effort. With these different elements combined it’s no wonder that men are increasingly seeking advice on how to look their best with the help of cutting-edge technologies available in beauty clinics. This is true for both younger and older men, who are gradually exploring ways to both maintain a vibrant young appearance and enhance what they already appreciate about themselves.

In this review, we’ll cover 5 of the most popular aesthetic treatments men are seeking globally. Obviously, we acknowledge that trends and habits change. However, we’ll do our best to share our predictions for developments in popularity for each of these aesthetic treatments for men in the near future. Before we begin, please take a look at this infographic we’ve prepared. It will help you understand the immense potential aesthetic treatments for men hold today. You can download it in high resolution by clicking on it and saving it to your computer or mobile device.

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1 | It’s all about the hair

It’s a big relief for some men to have hair removed from areas that have been bothering them for years or areas that just bother them as they grow older. Laser hair removal for men is one of the most popular aesthetic treatments available, and it’s often encouraged by a supportive spouse. The results appear in a matter of months and can last years. On the other hand, hair regrowth technology also offers promising results for those who have started losing the hair on their head. The choice for a hair transplant usually comes to boost confidence and retain a younger appearance.

There is also a new market with the wide popularity of beard grooming which also can be better maintained by using laser devices such as the Soprano ICE Platinum. We predict that both laser hair removal and hair regrowth will continue to be among the most desirable treatments for the male clientele in the next few years..

2 | Tattoos aren’t taboos

Laser tattoo removal is a highly popular treatment that was almost never considered a taboo for neither male nor female clients. Advanced technology that keeps on developing has helped and will help people with correcting what they no longer find appealing in their looks – with minimal pain and maximal effectiveness. Men who wear a lot of ink (meaning they have many tattoos) are more likely to remove some as part of their ongoing artistic process. A gradual process some of them partake for decades. We predict that this treatment will remain stable in popularity, with male clients actively and openly seeking tattoo removal treatments.

3 | Wrinkles and twinkles

Men who are in the public eye, whether they are business leaders or have rich social lives, are considering anti-aging aesthetic treatments to remain looking young and vital and keep that twinkle in their eyes – instead of the wrinkles. Laser treatments for skin rejuvenation and laser-assisted facelifts are very popular today. They pose a significant alternative to traditional plastic surgery and have the benefits of requiring much less recovery time. This topic is gaining increased traction, and we predict that it will steadily rise in popularity, as technology will allow for less invasive treatments with minimal recovery time. Clinics will have to use advertising a bit differently to attract men to undergo anti-aging treatments and help further break down stereotypes around it.


4 | Perfect skin

Acne scars are a common pain point for men. Those who are left with acne scars from their youth may not know effective, advanced and relatively fast treatments even exist, and may associate them with beauty salons, instead of medical clinics. Skin treatments can tackle different types of skin issues all over the face and body, such as mole removal, scar improvement treatments, pigmentation treatment, acne scar removal, skin resurfacing and more. We predict that with raising awareness around the process and technology used – as in how innovative, truly clinical and advanced the solutions for skin problems are – men will understand the value of such treatments, and their popularity will continue to grow.


5 | Trimming the fat – without surgery

Body contouring solutions such as the Accent Prime treatment are the non-invasive alternative to liposuction surgery. They reduce fat and expose muscle. There is no surgery involved. Global statistics show that liposuction is still one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries for men, which means that body contouring has an amazing potential of replacing the traditional liposuction, with the advantage of minimal recovery time, zero invasive procedures, and excellent results. We predict a rise in popularity of this treatment in the further future as it will take time to educate the market about this effective alternative to liposuction.


Going forward – prepare your practice

Our review of the top 5 aesthetic treatments for men is a drop in the bucket of all the new possibilities, treatments and innovations still ahead of us. We hope that our male clients will no longer feel this world is beyond their reach. They can now seek advice to make the changes they want without shame.

Part of breaking taboos will be by educating ourselves as professionals, our clients, and society at large to encourage everyone to take advantage of the great solutions aesthetic treatments for men have to offer. Visiting a beauty clinic for treatments such as skin resurfacing, tattoo removal, hair regrowth and so on will only become easier and more accessible, as with today’s technology clients can enhance their appearance quickly, safely, and without undergoing surgery. For beauty clinics, it is also worth reevaluating their interior design, personnel and also marketing material to be more attractive for male clients. This clinic in the UK opened an entirely separate branch specifically designed for men.

We believe that with an intimate understanding of the different pain points men face about their looks, and what motivates them to enhance their appearance, the aesthetics industry will know how to better cater to men and their specific needs.

If you want to learn more about how you can utilize Alma Lasers technology to offer a wider range of aesthetic treatments for men please contact us here.

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