PICO CLEAR presents a new era in deep pigments shattering, offering optimal results for the removal of colorful tattoos and benign pigmented lesions with just few treatments.
PICO CLEAR mode of operation is based on delivering ultra-short picosecond pulses of energy into the skin tissue.
The light absorbed in the pigment is transformed into a photoacoustic wave that shatter the pigment into micro-size particles, which the body immune system can then dispose of easily.
  • High Peak Power
  • Shortest Picosecond Laser
  • Various Wavelengths
  • Versatile Treatments

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Applicator emitting laser light energy to the tattoo. The light beam penetrates the skin surface and hits the ink particles.
The photo-acoustic effect of the picosecond laser shatters the tattoo pigment into minuscule particles.
The immune system identifies the foreign substance and disposes of it. The tattoo is removed in just a few treatments.

Shortest pulse duration

Alma’s PICO CLEAR offers top-line technology featuring the shortest pulse duration in the market of 300-350 picoseconds.
The ultra-short energy burst ensures optimal tattoo removal results with only few treatments. This state-of-the-art flexible platform allows the practitioner to control multiple function parameters to create tailored treatments: wavelength, energy level,
spot size, energy delivery mode and repetition rate.



The superior technology

A shorter pulse duration means a higher convergence rate of laser energy into the mechanical force needed in order to shatter the colored pigments into small fractions. The shorter the pulse duration is, the smaller the particles are, from pebbles, to granule and up to thin dust effect.
Picosecond technology offers shorter pulses than Q-Switched Nanosecond laser technology, thus presenting better end-point results with fewer treatments required. But not all Picosecond technologies are the same, and the difference between 750ps to 300ps is as significant as the difference between Nanosecond and Picosecond technologies.


PICO CLEAR offers an extensive array of applicators, each designed for a specific treatment and indication, together covering a full spectrum of solutions.
Offers 9 spot sizes options, ranging between 2 and 10mm, addressing various types, severities and depths of pigmented lesions and tattoos.
The Picolor applicator can be used both in Nd:YAG (1064nm) mode and Double Nd:YAG (532nm) mode, using simple on-screen setup.
Homogenizer 1064 & Homogenizer 532 
Square homogenized laser beam profile featuring flat-top energy signature for uniform and consistent surface coverage, preventing hot spots. This applicator offers two footprint options – a 3 X 3 mm square and a 5 X 5 mm square.
Employs a fractional delivery method which creates pixel-sized perforations in a 7×7 non-ablative pattern, leaving the surrounding tissue intact. These microinjury sites trigger a wound healing process that strengthens collagen and stimulates neo collagenesis, completely rejuvenating the target tissue. Five distinct treatment depths are available for maximum flexibility and precision.
These applicators extend the Picolor applicator’s capabilities, offering two additional wavelengths, targeting challenging tattoo colors.
The CLEAR-Y applicator is emitting 585nm wavelength specifically targeting sky blue color. The CLEAR-R applicator is emitting 650nm wavelength specifically targeting green and teal colors.

Before & After photos using PICO CLEAR laser

PICO CLEAR tattoo removal

After 4 treatments
Courtesy of Alma's clinical team

PICO CLEAR tattoo removal

After 4 treatments
Courtesy of Alma's clinical team

PICO CLEAR treatment

After 1 treatment.
Courtesy of Alma's Clinical team

Tattoo removal with PICO CLEAR

After 2 treatments