On the Scene: FemiLift training day, London

On the Scene: FemiLift training day, London

Aesthetic laser supplier ABC Lasers ran a training workshop for the FemiLift device at Courthouse Clinics, Wimpole Street, on July 29.

Aesthetic practitioners who attended the event were taught about the laser by Albert Best, leader of the ABC Lasers surgical team. Best educated the practitioners about the techniques and benefits of the FemiLift C02 treatment. He gave a full tutorial of how the treatment aims to reduce urinary stress incontinence, tighten the vaginal canal, improve sexual sensation, improve vaginal mucosal lubrication and help women feel more youthful.

Each practitioner then saw three model patients and gave each a full FemiLift treatment after an initial consultation, examination and procedure consent.

Dr Kathryn Taylor-Barnes, who attended the training event, said, “All the models were pleasantly surprised that the procedure was quick (only 15 minutes) and the only degree of discomfort for them was towards the end of the treatment, described as 3/10 intensity and a ‘warm feeling’.” She continued, “The FemiLift monitor was set up so that it is easy to understand. The device is straightforward and I felt confident after the training day and look forward to informing my patients about FemiLift at my clinics.”