Now your fat can make you look fab

Now your fat can make you look fab

Re-frame your own fat.

It’s that dreaded “f” word we all have grown to hate. FAT. Yes, we talk about it, look out for it in what we eat, watch our bodies store it, gain it, lose it, “barely get into our jeans” it. There is no doubt that men and women alike have an irreconcilable relationship with their own body fat. It’s become one of the major sources of concern when it has to do with our health. Moreover, it’s a huge source of conflict, shame, and downright despair when it comes to our appearance.

Thankfully – things have changed in this area. With the advancement of technologies, your own body fat, wherever it is accumulated, can now be a hugely valuable beauty resource. Not only can it be removed, it can also be used to fill other parts of your body that require it from an aesthetic standpoint. This approach is called fat grafting, and it’s a quick and safe procedure that transforms your own unwanted fat into your personal beauty resource. Essentially, it’s the removal of unwanted fat from one part of your body and the insertion of it in any other part of your body. This means you’re actually recycling your own fat and utilizing it to improve your appearances.

Fat out, fab in with fat grafting!


Fat grafting treatment with Alma Lasers LipoLife

Fat grafting, an increasingly popular procedure, is a unique technique that transfers your own fat from one area of your body and places it into another area where such fat is lacking. So, if for example, your lips need some plumping up, or your buttocks are flatter than what you would like them to be, you can fill them up with your own cells. Areas that are rich in fat, such as your abdomen or thighs, can now be a source for fat that can make areas such as your face, breasts or buttocks look plumper, fuller and younger. One of the main benefits of this technique is that your body responds well to your own cells, as opposed to artificial fillers, making the result much better and longer lasting. Not to mention, safer and healthier.

Your own fat is a natural beauty resource.

The benefits of fat grafting are really amazing. First of all, using your own fat means that it is highly available and easy to use by the practitioner. More importantly, since it is your own fat, and maintains all the genetic characteristics of your own body, it is easily integrated into the new area and does not cause any adverse reactions or post-procedure side-effects. This means it is completely natural and does not require to be injected with any artificial fillers or unwanted toxins. The procedure is quick, simple and can be conducted usually in an outpatient setting.

Fat-Forward: Your Future Looks Fabulous.

One of the leading treatments available on the market today has been developed by an innovative, cutting-edge company called “Alma Lasers”. The device used for the treatment is called LipoLife. It is an advanced laser lipolysis system that has been in use for quite a while at various clinics. The results are very impressive. The treatment is highly flexible and has already been used in various areas of the body, by men and women alike. This is definitely the latest and greatest in beauty treatments, with long-term results and minimal post-treatment effects. So, it’s probably safe to say that there is no such thing as completely bad fat. It’s just a matter of what you do with it, and where you place it….
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