Approaching imperfections head on

This world is not perfect

One of the many challenges of modern living is dealing with imperfections. It seems the more advanced the technology available at hand is, and the more control over our lives we have it is more difficult for us to accept imperfections. Mainly our own ones. How do people deal with those? 

  • Some of us ignore them religiously and effectively. They are simply not there.
  • Some lucky and enlightened ones accept them with love and tolerance. We are only human.
  • But the majority of us obsess and go quite mad just thinking of them. Am I being punished for something?!

We all share imperfections both physical and spiritual

When it comes to our personality and spiritual traits, who of us can’t relate to one of the following?

Being too lazy, too pessimistic, too ignorant, too indifferent, too proud, too egocentric, too emotionally detached, too judgmental, too impulsive, over compulsive.

The human psyche is a fascinating landscape, and one of its peculiar phenomena is its bodily perception and acceptance. And that is where the whole issue with imperfections becomes even more dramatic. If we can build perfect homes, design perfect products and cook perfect food, why can’t we have perfect bodies?

The flabby flesh on our arms, double-chins, saggy cheeks or chubby looking knees. For each one of us, it can be an entirely different thing or all of them together. It’s those little details that can go unnoticed until they become center stage and center of our attention. Some of us are even in amazing shape, keep a superbly balanced diet, drink only water and meditate 3 times a week. It doesn’t change the fact we are still subject to the powers of genetics, aging and environmental effects.

Some life coaches and holistic new age influencers proclaim we must not be captives of perfectionism. They claim we must accept ourselves entirely. That is easier said than done. Sometimes that ideal requires a lifetime of building up self-awareness and exercising spiritual growth. Not all of us can afford to suffer for so long. What if some of us can actually find a clearer path to a blissful state by addressing these so-called petty bodily issues first?

Bingo wings won't make you fly

Small areas treatment with Accent Prime

So for those of us who were not blessed with eternal serenity and content, sometimes the best solution is just to define our priorities and decide which of these things we can live with relatively peacefully and which must be addressed and exactly how. After years that the tummy-tuck and other types of surgical solutions were most popular, the latest developments of none-invasive treatments become the preferred method for both practitioners and patients.

Body and face contouring as well as loose skin tightening are among these treatments. These and more are achieved with great results with Alma Lasers’ Accent Prime platform. This device, which already has a decade of proven clinical experience and data is highly unique as it combines Two distinct technologies. Ultrasound and RF (radiofrequency).

The Accent prime is famous for it’s revolutionary “Ultraspeed” hand-piece which allows a speedy treatment (less than 30 min) for large treatment areas such as the abdomen and thighs. Now available is the smaller version, the “Minispeed”, which uses the same powerful Ultrasound technology for those small areas we are so concerned with. These Ultrasound waves target the fat cells below the skin and reduce them significantly.

Additionally, there is the “Tuneface” hand-piece which uses the Alma Lasers patented Unipolar RF technology. This treats the laxity and looseness of the skin in the same areas and tightens it for a firmer and more vital appearance by stimulating natural collagen growth.

Double the chin, double the pleasure?

The small areas treatment procedure

There are several approaches which are deployed based on the patients’ body and skin type, age, and metabolism. Some practitioners might combine both technologies and some might focus on one of them but the objective is always the same- to make us feel better when we look at the mirror, go to a party or take a selfie photo. And these are not to be undervalued.

Also, the number of treatments can vary from 4 to 6 to even 8 treatment sessions with some future maintenance required in some cases. Good thing is that these none-invasive treatments like that of the Accent Prime do not impose any downtime or noticeable side-effects therefor you can have them anytime with no consequences on your daily routine and plans.

See below videos of the treatment performed the submental area (double-chin) and some nice before and after results from our clinical studies. As you can see the treatment is pleasant and painless.