Femilift: The ultimate solution for your biggest feminine concern

Femilift: The ultimate solution for your biggest feminine concern

Femilift: The ultimate solution for your biggest feminine concern

Stress urinary incontinence or SUI is the accidental leakage of urine which occurs with the slightest form of stress or pressure applied to bladder like sneezing, coughing or in worse scenarios even during bending down. This condition increases with age. Alma Femilift is a leading solution for a lot of feminine concerns that arise at any age. CO2 laser technology is a distinguished choice of dermatologists all around the world in skin tightening and rejuvenation. Femilift incorporates the same CO2 technology so that no aggressive ablation is caused. SUI is seen more in women than in men and it is one of the most common problems faced by women. According to studies, 1 in 3 women suffer SUI at some point in life. SUI occurs when the tissues and muscles which control the regulation and leakage of urine loosen. In women, the pelvic muscles or the sphincter get damaged during the process of childbirth. This can be a difficult situation but is a very natural occurrence in women and can be treated with this minimally-invasive outpatient solution. In men, urinary incontinence can arise post prostate surgeries. 

Why Alma Femilift?

SUI is not only annoying but is also embarrassing. Although psychological stress cannot cause SUI, the emotional and mental stress caused by SUI is significant. Women might feel like their life is held up. Most of them lose confidence and thus try to isolate themselves from gatherings which eventually affects their social and work life. This is an underreported problem that can affect the overall quality of life. But thanks to technology, SUI is not a problem that can stop any woman from leading a good quality of life! Alma Femilift is a state-of-art that is fast, painless, and completely safe.

At Alma, we aim at offering women a chance at getting back to normal without feeling like they have to put their life on hold. We’ve created Femilift, the unique offering that enables women to enjoy their lives without fear of unintentional urine leakage. Femilift is a lifesaver to all those women struggling out there with SUI. As this condition is caused by loss of sub-urethral support, Femilift with its deep thermal effect stimulates collagen renewal as well as contraction of elastic fibres which in turn helps in tissue remodelling.

The best thing about Femilift is that it is conducted in an outpatient setting which does not involve any general anaesthesia or downtime. This flexible treatment method ensures women to believe in themselves all over again. Femilift aims at helping women in regaining their confidence to a level they always wanted. 

Femilift and the CO2 technology

CO2 lasers have been used widely for gynaecology, ENT and dermatology procedures. Considered as one of the most ingenious technological innovations, CO2 is highly acclaimed worldwide for its power, precision, versatility and defying results. Femilift by Alma has four modes of operation i.e, four energy delivery modes and also, a wide array of dedicated applicators for attaining nonpareil results. It uses defocused non-ablative energy delivery mode for Labia Majora tightening which promotes collagen synthesis and tissue tightening. Alma has designed Femilift in a way it can be used in both fractional energy mode and low power high repetition mode which not only helps in treating SUI but also helps in treating other predicaments that involve vaginal hygiene like GSM, vaginal laxity, severe atrophy, and pain. 

How effective is Alma Femilift?

Completely intended in making the lives of women better, Femilift not only solves SUI but is an optimal and ultimate solution to all feminine hygiene concerns for women at any age. Femilift acknowledges the needs of women and acts as a quick fix in cases of vaginal dryness and infections, vaginal tightening, problems post-menopause and more. Basically, Femilift is that one-stop solution for all the feminine related problems one is going through. 

Alma Femilift guarantees quick recovery time and thus earns a high level of patient satisfaction. The super lasting results and supreme quality of the treatment make the life of every woman better in efficacious ways. 

No problem is worth stopping for. There is a world out there and women should feel like they are in control of their life. The treatment ensures fast and homogeneous treatments that are minimally invasive. All these features make Femilift 100 percentage safe, easy and effective. After all, the ultimate goal of Femilift is to improve the quality of life. Femilift wants the women to not go through the humiliating feeling from incontinence in silence anymore. https://www.femilift.com/stress-urinary-incontinence-solution-sui/