Accent Prime facial beauty boost – the go-to treatment at fashion weeks

Accent Prime facial beauty boost – the go-to treatment at fashion weeks

The British embassy in France is located on one of the most famous streets in France, rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré in the 8th arrondissement of Paris. It has seen numerous historical events as well as significant moments in the arts and culture. Last month, it hosted a special event – the AW19 fashion collection by Ralph & Russo. Led by Tamara Ralph, Ralph&Russo is the first UK based designer to be accepted as a guest member into the exclusive Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture. There was also a special debut at this event – the facial beauty boost treatment by Accent prime.

UK embassy fashion show

The UK embassy in Paris

As in most fashion show backstage areas, there is the prep floor and then the final fitting room. On the prep floor, the clash between professional make-up artists, hair-dressers and manicurists is familiar. They all simultaneously lunge onto the young models rush in from a previous show (they often have several a day during this crucial week). Their previous make-up and hairdos must be reset to the requirements of the designer. However,on this occasion there was a third row to the prep room – a make-shift facial beauty station featuring a robust and expensive medical aesthetic device and a legendary beautician manning it.

accent facial beauty boost

Backstage at the Ralph & Russo show

The beauty glow ambassador

If you haven’t heard about Mimi Luzon or the Accent Prime device by Alma yet, get used to them . They are all over social media in conjunction a lot. Already featured previously on New York and Milan’s fashion week, as well as the underwear brand “intimissimi” lingerie show, the Accent Prime has been touring the world with the Israeli beauty influencer for nearly 2 years. However, the fact it was invited to be part of the pre-show area for a Haute Couture event is anything but trivial. This society has strict codes of conduct and the highest standards in the fashion world. The people who manage these events demand everything must be perfectly executed and nothing is left to chance.


Mimi treating model Pauline Hoarau with the Accent Prime courtesy of Ralph&Russo


Not only the models enjoyed Alma & Mimi’s products. A few select VIP guests to the show received a special package containing Mimi’s signature mask and oil. On top of we included a 1,000 EUR voucher for Accent Prime face and body contouring at Alma care clinics in Paris and Italy.

Alma & Mimi luzon gift package facial beauty glow

Why is this facial beauty glow treatment attractive for the fashion world?

Fashion shows are frantic events, and once a model gets her make up and hair done, these must last sometimes up to 2 hours without any time for touch ups. That being said, they must look their best and that is especially important when it comes to their faces. At this show, as in prior ones, Mimi has used the Accent Prime‘s patented unipolar radio-frequency energy to create an immediate lift to their skin. Obviously these models skin is rather young and plump. However, they also can benefit from a glow effect that no make-up can match. The unique 40.68 mHz frequency delivers heat deep into the dermis. This helps create both an immediate visible effect and long lasting benefits as well. Older women have already discovered this wonder at clinics around the world, but now the models – symbols of youth and beauty are enjoying them as well.

As our representative backstage reported, some 40 or more models would not skip the opportunity to try out the Accent Prime device. Compared to the normal plucking, pinching and other painful procedures they normally go through backstage, this was a soothing massage they could actually enjoy. To go along with it, Mimi also treated them to a free sample of her famous 24k gold glow mask to maximize the facial beauty boost effect. The collection, needless to say, is astonishing. Tamara Ralph highlighted it by designing a bridal dress embroidered with hundreds of crystals and pearls. And the models, they were glowing – thanks to the Accent prime and Mimi’s expert hands.

How can you also benefit from our technology?

Invited to a major event and need to look up to the occasion? A quick 15-20 minute session will give your face and skin a considerable boost and glow. As you can see from the photos taken from the runway shortly after, there are no major side effects. Nor is there any downtime due to this treatment. Therefore, you can squeeze in a facial beauty boost session somewhere between your hair stylist and make up artists appointments on the day of the event. Furthermore, many spas offer all of those services in-house. This means you can look for one that has the Accent Prime device and get the full deal in one place.

As mentioned before, the uni-polar radio-frequency technology used in these impromptu backstage sessions can also have long lasting effects. Obviously a series of 4-6 treatments would achieve more than a one time fix. Expert aesthetic practitioners recommend combining it with the second advanced technology available on the Accent Prime, the cold ultrasound waves. The benefits of the synergy of both energies can tighten your skin and accentuate your facial contours for a younger, firmer appearance.