Smart Clinic

Make the Most of Your Management

Alma’s smart clinic is a pioneering cloud-based data center that enables a wide-ranging control of clinics.

It is a new business development tool that offers continuous access to live data through an application and online platform.


 Platforms and Applicators

       Lets you view:
  • number of pulses
  • time operated
  • areas treated
  • number of platforms and applicators operated by each practitioner at any given time.

This data is crucial for ongoing modifications of your clinic’s equipment and for collecting operational
statistics (per platforms, applicator and clinic), tracking practitioner performance and improving
human resource management.

Never Miss a Beat

Smart Clinic

Treatment Management

Monitor patient cases and needs:

    • areas treated
    • protocols
    • date of visit
    • contact them when their next treatment is coming up.

Improve customer support and experiences, enhance clinical results
and reinforce customer engagement and relationships.
Smart Clinic presents clinical protocols on the screen, making hard-copy protocols a thing of the past.

Maintenance and Service
Smart Clinic lets you open up a service call at any time through the application,
sending you a troubleshoot guide so that problems can be solved when they arise.
It offers the ability to track treatments and view statistics for each platform to prevent overuse
and underuse, follow up on errors and receive ongoing maintenance alerts (water/filters).
With Smart Clinic, you can prevent downtime, manage your resources more efficiently and boost

 We are always seeking out opportunities to enhance our offer.
Alma is driven by a passion for innovation and therefore we are
proud to introduce Smart Clinic – a technology-based solution
that can significantly boost management processes and have a
positive impact on clinics and chains of all sizes. We are honored
to be pioneers in this approach and in our ability to provide added
value for our customers, which we view as long- term partners.
Their success is a genuine reflection of ours.
Lior Dayan, CEO, Alma

Lior Dayan Alma lasers