The high-end Alexandrite laser hair removal solution
ARION uses the power of the alexandrite laser to provide fast and effective hair removal as well as treatment of superficial pigmented lesions.
ARION features a 755nm wavelength- the gold standard for laser hair removal, especially for skin types I-IV, and the wavelength that is most effectively absorbed by the melanin in the widest range of hair shades and textures. 70 watt power and repetition rates of up to 5Hz make ARION one of the fastest and most powerful alexandrite laser systems on the market. The versatile system is also suitable for treating superficial vascular lesions as well as pigmented skin changes.
  • Optimal wavelength for hair removal in skin types I-IV
  • Effective- with high peak power and high pulse repetition rates (up to 5 Hz)
  • Versatile- treats a wide range of indications
  • Safe- with “Burst mode” for extra skin protection
  • User-Friendly- easy switching between treatment options using Plug & Play technology




tr-icon01Hair Removal
Using the gold standard 755nm wavelength, ARION achieves highly effective hair removal, especially for skin types I-IV. ARION targets hair of varying shades and textures as well as both superficial and deep-lying hair.
tr-icon01Pigmented Lesions
By targeting the melanin chromophore in the affected tissue, ARION achieves visible improvements of many benign epidermal pigment changes including:
Solar lentigo
Café au lait spots


The ARION alexandrite laser system uses the principle of selective photothermolysis to achieve effective hair removal. Light with a wavelength of 755nm penetrates the epidermis and is selectively absorbed by melanin in the hair follicles. The follicles are damaged by the induced thermal energy, while the surrounding tissue remains protected. Only 3-6 hair removal treatments are needed to achieve long-term results.
The appearance of pigmented lesions can also be successfully cleared by inducing selective photothermolysis of the melanin chromophore in the target tissue.
The ARION system offers both power and versatility. Flexible pulse widths and energy densities allow for the perfect combination of treatment parameters, with the ability to remove even fine or deeper lying hair with long-lasting results. An ergonomic handpiece allows for easy treatment of hidden or hard-to-reach areas. For even faster hair removal, a unique optional scanner provides an extraordinarily large scan area of 60 x 65mm with laser pulses automatically set for optimal overlap.
ARION’s “Burst mode” offers extra protection of the skin during treatment by splitting each laser pulse into several shorter sub-pulses. This allows the epidermis to cool down between each sub-pulse, thereby minimizing the risk of side effects and offering greater patient comfort.


ARION Standard:

The standard ARION handpiece for hair removal, pigmentation and vascular treatment offers selectable spot sizes from 6 to 12mm.

ARION Large:

The large ARION handpiece allows for hair removal of large areas with spot sizes from 12 to 16mm.



ARION’s unique optional scanner allows for even faster hair removal with an extra-large scanning area of 60 x 65mm, with laser pulses automatically set for optimal overlap.

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