Be your beautiful best

Be your beautiful best

The safety of high-tech machinery in beauty treatments, as offered by Alma Lasers, is here to empower your notions of beauty

Over the years, plenty of words have been exhausted on whether beauty is only skin-deep, or a whole lot more. No matter what we believe, the quest to beautify a person remains a primal instinct in every man and woman. What’s changed since, is the availability of means and procedures to manifest these ideas of body aesthetics.

Unlike even a decade ago, it is no longer a delusion to dream of an appealing, tucked-in figure, or even-toned, silken skin that is not subject to the pangs of monthly hair removal. The path to these particular notions of wellness, is thankfully no longer through taxing fitness regimes or hand-me-down beauty-hacks from the omniscient aunt. Where there was once confusion, now there’s an answer. In place of speculative strategies, there’s the scientific assurance of technology!

Alma Lasers, one such international innovator of laser, light, ultrasound and radio-frequency-based aesthetic solutions, is here to bust the urban legends surrounding body contouring, skin tightening, laser hair removal and pigmentation treatments. With a legion of experienced doctors and aesthetic clinical practitioners in their army, Alma comes equipped to battle the myths and apprehensions associated with such procedures, most often due to a lack of awareness.

To that effect, this harbinger of high-efficiency technologies is teaming up with dna in a stellar initiative to break down the science and reality behind their hassle-free procedures.

Soumen Dutta, managing director of Alma Lasers in India and South, shares: “The liberalisation of the Indian economy in the 90s ensured a spurt in beauty-consciousness through a crop of parlours, spas, cosmetology clinics, giving rise a new problem. Little standardization, regulation, professional training and quality control in the industry has led to misinformation and irresponsible use of technologies and solutions that were primarily designed to be effective and more importantly safe.”

Dutta takes the example of light-equipments paraded as laser treatments at many parlours and aesthetic clinics. “Wrong equipment can cause great harm. We intend to help you make the distinction between what you want, and what you’ve been receiving,” adds the man, who takes pride in revealing that all of Alma’s equipments are US-FDA approved, and hence, safe.

Dutta further affirms that a lack of solid information can be limiting for even those with the money to undergo these procedures. “How many are aware that approximately 82-85 per cent of your body hair can be removed in 6-8 sessions of laser treatment?” he muses.

An in-depth conversation with four eminent doctors will unravel some common questions about tech-based beauty solutions — What are the advantages posed by laser solutions? What precautions should be taken in case of such procedures? Are these technologies safe for all? Why are they termed ‘non-invasive’? All these queries and some more will be explored through a multi-pronged dialogue amongst the best brains in the industry; their opinions made available to the city’s beauty-enthusiasts in dna Conversations column to follow.

Following the exercise, dna, in association with Alma Lasers, will reach different locations of Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Thane to conduct a series of body aesthetics and awareness workshops. After all, if beauty is truth, shouldn’t the truth be available for us to understand? Well, Alma Lasers certainly thinks so.




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